M.A.S.H. (Mainstreaming Adults Sharing Help)

The Beatrice Y is developing a pilot program for special needs young adults (18-25 yr old) to be more independently involved in our community.

Participants will learn soft skills that can be used in everyday life; to enrich the quality of time spent by these individuals. We hope to identify companies in our community that would be willing to work (employees or volunteers) with the YMCA  to fill this void. These individuals or companies would work as mentors, employers, or even friends! Please contact [email protected] if are interested in being involved in this program or have any questions.

Check back for upcoming MASH dates and registration information. 

WBLE (Work-Based Learning Experience)

The Beatrice YMCA is proud to partner with Nebraska Vocational Rehab as a WBLE site.  This program is through the State of Nebraska, where an individual is paid a salary to work for a participating site.  They are overseen by YMCA staff in areas such as attendance, compliance with workplace rules and regulations, teamwork, and production. If you are interested in this program, please contact NE Voc. Rehab or visit www.vr.nebraska.gov to see if you qualify. Once this is completed, you just need to let your Employment Specialist know that you would like to be placed at the Beatrice YMCA site.