For questions on any of Dr. Ruiz’s programs, you can contact him by email at [email protected] or by text at 402.806.2485.



This iAthlete Acceleration program is designed to improve sport-specific skills along with Speed, Power, Endurance, Strength, and Agility. The program will also decrease the chance of injury in competition through the development of improved body control and increased joint stability. There will be a limited number of appointments and athletes admitted to the program so please make your reservation as soon as possible.  The fee will cover the entire summer season and also give the athlete access to the Y 7 days a week.

Summer Session 2024 will begin on June 10th.

Each athlete receives a complete evaluation of individual speed, strength, power, agility, flexibility, endurance, reaction time, body composition, and metabolism.  Based on the results, a personal program of nutrition and training is developed to ensure the best chance for performance improvement.


  • 2 Sessions Per Week Member – $299.00 All ages
  • 2 Sessions Per Week Non-Member – $350.00 All ages

Call the Y at 402-223-5266 or Brent Ruiz at 402-806-2485 if you have questions or to schedule your first session.

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Achieving a healthy weight is the first step on the path to Optimal Health.  The HealthWise program offers you a Ph.D.-level personal Health Coach who will guide you as you lose weight using clinically proven methods.  Along the way, your Health Coach will share with you the “Habits of Health”.  These behavioral techniques will help you make better choices so you can finally take charge of your health for the long term.  You receive daily feedback that includes guidance for exercising correctly, eating efficiently, and dealing with the stresses of everyday life.  All program components are professionally organized in a day-by-day prescription, providing a clear, intelligent approach to reaching personal goals.

Evaluation Includes:  Metabolism Rate, Body Composition & Fitness Level

Prescription Includes:  Positive Eating Plan – PEP, Aerobic Activity Plan, Resistance Exercise Plan, Re-test at 1-week intervals & Wellness Education

Ages – 8 & up

Program Duration – 12 weeks


  • Members $199   Renewal/Maintenance $99
  • Non-Member  $250 All Ages

Call the Y at 402-223-5266 or Brent Ruiz at 402-806-2485 if you have questions or to schedule your first session.



For individuals who desire personal supervision and accountability, Dr. Ruiz will meet with you on a scheduled one-on-one basis.  Programs are available for all ages and fitness levels. Programs are designed to fit specific goals and needs and each personalized program is generated after a complete scientific evaluation of the client’s current physical state.

With the guidance of a knowledgeable and experienced exercise physiologist, your wellness program will reduce the risk or improve conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease.  Regular exercise not only helps control weight; it also helps build and maintain healthy bones, joints, and muscles as well as promoting psychological well-being. The concept of being “in shape” becomes synonymous with being “in good health”.

The LifeWise program will provide you with an individualized plan tailored to meet your personal goals. Examples include:

  • Weight Loss and Maintenance
  • Running Programs
  • Balance Improvement
  • Sport Specific Training
  • General Fitness
  • Back Care
  • Return from Injury
  • Other custom-tailored programs

Ages – 8 & up

Program Duration – 8 weeks

Time – 30 minutes per session


2 sessions per week member – $199 for all ages

2 sessions per week non-member -$250 for all ages

1 session per week member – $99 for all ages

1 session per week non-member – $150 for all ages

Call the Y at 402-223-5266 or Brent Ruiz at 402-806-2485 if you have questions or to schedule your first session.



Dr. Ruiz, Ph.D. offers all existing Y members a Body Composition Analysis that includes a complete plan for personal improvement.

Evaluation Includes:

  • Metabolism Rate
  • Percent of Body Fat
  • Percent of Muscle
  • Hydration Level

Prescription Includes:

  • Positive Eating Plan -PEP
  • Aerobic Activity Plan
  • Resistance Exercise Plan
  • Free Re-tests every month for a year
  • Wellness and Fitness Education

Ages – 8 & up

Cost:  $99 (Includes free re-tests for 1 year)

Call the Y at 402-223-5266 or Brent Ruiz at 402-806-2485 if you have questions or to schedule your evaluation.

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